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I did a bit of research about some of the props used in this film. I personally LOVE this movie, so I want to do a small display of as many accurate pieces as I can. This is everything I have found so far.

The cellphone Gosling used in the film is a silver/black Nokia 2610 cell. Here's a link to the screen-used phone, and then another link to a photo I found on Google. They seem to be the exact same, besides the spacing on the buttons, which might just be the angle of the photo or something.
DRIVE - Driver (Ryan Gosling) prop Nokia cell phone | The Golden Closet

Next is the police scanner Driver uses at the beginning of the film. He also uses it around halfway through the film. Here is the screen-used prop, once again from The Golden Closet.
DRIVE - Driver (Ryan Gosling) prop police scanner | The Golden Closet
Unfortunately, the scanner is expensive as hell (and no, not just the screen-used piece). It is a Uniden Trunktracker IV, and goes for a few hundred dollars.


>Mask: Made by SPFX. Goes for $810, but since the mask in the film had a mustache (albeit very thin) and eyebrows that means that SPFX adds another $350, which brings you to a total of $1,150 (before shipping).
The Handsome Guy - Store


>Jacket: Replica created by Steady Clothing, currently taking orders for a 4th run:
"Drive" Mens Replica Racer Jacket
>Undershirt: Unfortunately, the white shirt is long since out of print. It was an old vintage 1930s military henley. Fortunately, I have a lead on a company who creates great repros of old shirts. Here is the link. I have attempted to contact them, they will be back in the office on the 30th. Updates will follow as I receive them.
Merz b. Schwanen / Button-facing shirts
>Jeans: I have contacted Acne jeans about the specific pair of jeans from this scene. I will update the post when I have the link to a screen-accurate pair.
>Boots: The boots used in the scene were taupe Madisons by Stacy Adams. The taupe version is more difficult to find, but here are a few links to the same pair in different colors.
Madison - 00035 - Stacy Adams Shoes - The Official Website Stacy Adams Men's Madison Cap-Toe Boot: Shoes
Stacy Adams Men's Madison Cap-Toe Boot - designer shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, and fashion accessories |
>Gloves: Made by Gaspar Gloves. The ones in this scene were the English Tan (I think)
2204 Driving Gloves
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Re: DRIVE props

A bit more information. The hammer is a VAUGHAN 20 oz. smooth face rip hammer. I believe it is an older model, obviously recast and repainted. I am currently on the lookout for this specific hammer.

Shannon's belt buckle is an original Native buckle. The closest I've found is this reproduction of the original Cranston is wearing in the film. Only thing that's missing is the red paint on the tips of the feathers.

Wholesale Belt Buckles | Belt Buckles For Sale | Eagle Belt Buckle 3-1/4" x 2-1/4" | Wholesale Western Clothing Distributors, Resellers & Suppliers Only
Re: DRIVE (2011) props

Holy crap, for a second I read that wrong, and I thought you said this was the stuff you collected from the site - as in you had all of it. I almost flipped my lid
Re: DRIVE (2011) props

For those who can't afford to shed $300 on a pair of ACNE jeans, I found a very close match at Urban Outfitters tonight.

$70 Obey tight stretch straight leg in Indigo:


they pretty much have the same pocket design besides the obey metal logo .
Re: DRIVE (2011) props

Updated the first two of my posts with new, updated and more accurate links.
Re: DRIVE (2011) props

Good stuff, probably one of my top 5 movies of all time. Refn and Gosling are genius. Cant wait to see it all put together!
this is such a resource! I'm working on the whole outfit right now. Are you working on a full costume? I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm thinking of incorporating a LARGE part of this into my everyday wardrobe. I might have to lay off the jacket from time to time though haha.

Any idea where to get the sunglasses? They're pricey, any ideas on an alternative as in a replica pair? The converse ones are okay I guess.

Also, you sure about the denim jacket color? It looks more bluish don't you think?
Thanks so much for these links!!!!
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Hi guys, I'm new here and couldn't find an introduction thread, so I will just cut to the chase:

Does anybody know the shoes the driver wears in the garage scene, while he works on the Road Runner/Satellite?

It does not have to be the exact producer or maker, the type of show would suffice.
I think it's some kind of simple leather working boot, any ideas, anyone?

many thanks in advance, I guess I am at the right place for such questions!

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