Dredd Medic Uniform


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Hi Guys. Anyone out there that can help me with the origins of the Medic's costume from Dredd. Was it all made from scratch for film? Appreciate any help .

Cheers Dave


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I actually own one of the production-used Medik Costumes.

The Medik Uniforms in Dredd (2012) were custom made. They had a very baggy design to them, with custom circles in the elbows and knee areas that made the jumpsuits flair out in those areas. The vest was costume made too. Very easy to do (no lining, just edge trimming), but still custom made.

Check out my website that discusses the colors seen in the screen used uniforms, and some measurements form the piping that help with achieving an accurate look...


I do offer resin cast replicas of the shoulder Tabbard and embroidered replicas of the 3 Circular Patches visible on the vest and jumpsuit.There is a SHOP link in the navigation links on the page.
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