Dredd helmet Bolland style


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Hi, I'm very new to this and was inspired by the number of cool costumes I saw at a comic con recently.

I only discovered pepakura recently and so I've decided to give it a try. I've always wanted a Dredd helmet, but I prefer the Bolland version to the film versions. I couldn't find any pdo for a Bolland style helmet so I tried creating one in Blender (also a first for me) and exporting it into pepakura. There's quite a learning curve for both.


After a lot of clicking and reclicking and repositioning in pepakura I printed it out on 160gsm paper (I wanted to go heavier but I was worried about jamming the printer at work) Of course, it has come out the wrong size - too small. Annoyingly I think I actually got the sizing right but after a couple of test prints I decided to reduce by 10% and now after building the thing I find my nose sticks out between the nose pieces no matter how much I try positioning it on my head :lol Still, I will go ahead and complete this anyway as it's good practice.


So now I guess it's fibreglass resin. I don't know how best to make sure the lower part of the helmet is nice and symmetrical though ...I folded a flap around the back a bit too much and has a slight "corner" there


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Fold your braces into a triangle to give it strength and make sure you have enough braces I've just messed up the upper cheek on a 3D pep lid where I didn't brace it
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I've actually moved away from using braces and made my Peps completely enclosed, except for an opening for pouring in resin. This keeps everything lined up, especially in those open face helmets.
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That's a very good idea BlindSquirrel - I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get the two sides symmetrical. Actually I found your blog a couple of days ago with your Bolland style helmet after I started and I thought it was awesome - they should have used that in the movie IMO

Would you be OK to share the pdo or the 3D file if I'm not being presumptuous?

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm glueing in a lot of extra braces in here and there to try and get it to retain it's shape


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Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I had to basically re-build the .PDO file from scratch as it was a complete mess.

Here are links!


Have fun!

Thanks - that's much appreciated. It'll be damn useful when I embark upon Dredd mark 2

I've resined my helmet and started covered it in body filler (Isopon P38 from Halfords). Going to be honest, while I am under no illusions as to the time it takes to master a new skill this is haarrrd! I'll post some pictures soon - trying to get it symmetrical and finding some of the edges which I've lost under the body filler.


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Well, I went overboard with the filler and I don't think it's worth trying to complete this particular build - just too much sanding. I will not be so impatient next time and apply the filler in thin coats rather than as if I were putting fondant icing on a cake! I may return to it but I will probably start again with 1) a better model and 2) a size that will actually fit me.

helmetwip01.jpg helmetwip02.jpg
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