Dredd Costume Help! - Armour & Shoulder Pads


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I'm brand new to this website so I'm sorry if anyone has asked similar questions to myself, but here I go!

Love the Karl Urban Dredd film SO MUCH! Really refreshing! Started doing Cosplay last year (went as Deadshot (DC comic-style), way before the up-and-coming Suicide Squad film was in the works!) and it went down well, but I wanted to do a more ambitious costume: DREDD!!! I've uploaded some photos of my efforts so far: the Helmet isn't painted (obviously!), my Lawgiver has only had one coat of paint and I've started on the Armour but I'm stuck!

I was thinking of using just foam (to keep it cheap) as I've seen people use Worbla, which looks cool, but is quite expensive here in the UK. Just some general advice, I was thinking sewing the Armour to a Soft-shell black Gilet (black felt waste-coat), good idea? I thought it would be easier as it has a zip on it already, all I need to do is sew on the Armour.

I'm completely stuck on the shoulder-pads! I've found images online which people have used but I wandered if anyone had done a Pepakura on them or even a tutorial. Any help would be great :)

Also let me know what you think so far! I know it's early days, but would be great to know what you think :D




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Thanks Madmax,

Good to see how others have done it. I've had an idea regarding the straps of attaching the armour, I'm going to use an old rucksack or a camera holster, it's good as they're fitted to be secure which is a good thing for this and also doesn't need any refitting for others. Started Eagle shoulder pad today which is starting to take shape via layering so quite excited the costume painted soon!

Please keep your ideas coming,



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image.jpg image.jpg
Here are a couple of pictures of my shoulder pieces which I built by layering thin sheets of craft foam and then painting. These were placed on top of a worpla shell over EVA floor mats


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Thanks to you all for your help!

ComiCon has been and gone in my city but here's a few pics of my finished costume!

I realised my Armour was WAY TOO BIG, first time I've ever made armour and got scale wrong, but made it work! Most people thought I'd bought the helmet and Lawgiver but made them both from foam! Had other Judges fooled when I met them there :D

I didn't think it was too bad on a budget of £20 ($30). Tell me what you think!

Next project is probably going to Big Daddy from Kickass :D
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