Dredd 3d Breach mine STL

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by MaarekSteele, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. MaarekSteele

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    Just uploaded my model of the Dredd 3d breachmine.

    Was looking for one for a while. But over easter I made the holder for it out of some scrapleather to learn leatherworking,.
    And then it just needed to be filled with something.
    Decided to just model it myself, 40 minutes or so total time. 2 hour print I think.
    Print it and have fun!

    printed.jpg mine-cover.jpg

  2. johnojodo

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    Nice work, I need to get a printer now
  3. CaptainTheo

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    Nice! Love it. Liking it on Thingiverse right now. I wish someone would post up a print for the DREDD Lawgiver still. :D I know there are "parts" for sale online for printing, but I don't want to track down a base gun, and the pieces look evil to print for my machine. I'm sure eventually someone more talented than I will take a shot though.
  4. MaarekSteele

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    Glad you liked it.
    The user Ghostbear on thingiverse made an awesome print and finishing on his print. I'm so amazed that I can't belive it could be the same model.
    CaptainTheo you should be able to find the gun if you search for James Murphy and lawgiver on the dredd facebook group. Maybe you could be the one that makes the 3dmodel easier to print? :)
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