Want to Buy Dredd 2012 full costume


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I am looking to become a judge so I would like to commission someone to make me a movie accurate version.
However, I understand that this is something that could go into the £/$1000s so I would like to request that some sort of payment plan is set up with a set monthly cost until the costume is finished. Even if that means limiting it to 1 item per month as well.
Obviously I will also put down some sort of deposit.
The only thing I don't need is the name badge.


You are looking at about 2000 - 2500 GBP.

I would suggest going to Facebook and joining the Judge Dredd costume group. Sometimes you can find complete gear for sale. If nothing else people can point you too where to get your own gear.

There are a lot of helmet makers that that will do a complete helmet.

Belt and all leather accessories I suggest:
Dredd : Letters of Marque, Historical Reproductions

Screen accuate full leathers to include sewn on pads, gloves and vest can be found at:
100% Leather Jackets by LeatherNext

As an alternate Tony Broad makes an outstanding budget vest.

A lot of people make the belt add ons such as the mine, flashbang, Boker knife, etc that you could paint with little effort.

Lawgiver will be a pain. Only a few people make them and holsters are harder to find. The Glock mag carrier and mags are a bit easier.

The real bitch are the boots. If you want screen accurate that will cost. Only Leather Next makes a base screen accurate boot. You then have to get the shin armor, toe and heel pads and shifter pads. The REAL bitch are the SIDI straps that have not been made in years (at least the screen accurate ones). This is one part of the costume that yes you may want to source out.

So to answer your question- a lot of it you can purchase as your budget allows piece by piece. Only the lawgiver and boots you may want outsource. But that FB group is paramount.

PS A lot of people find "good enough" motocross boots. Once the various pads and shin armor are on you cant really tell the difference.

Below is my wifes armor- hers was about $3k total. But she has a hero lawgiver (lights up and all that), a mostly screen accurate med pack, etc. Her boots are LN base boots with the correct SIDI straps.

The other pic is us cosplaying at Stockholm Comic Con last year with some of the Scandinavian Sector house. We are wearing cowboy hats as the wife and I live in Texas so we are Texas City judges.
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