Dred beads Resin or Sculpted on?



Im making the dreds for my pred2 and would like input, would most prefer resin? Theres 40 dreds w about 3 beads each some have two, resin beads sound cool,will look great but will add weight remember there will about 100 of them on your head,and casting cutting sanding,and the time and cost, i put foam in my head to keep it "stiff" so pulling wont be a problem. On the other hand sculpting them onto the dred then casting in foam is easy faster and less expensive. Maybe i'll offer both options! What do you think?


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I still have yet to find a foam latex supplier for reasonable shipping to canada.

But I made my Dred molds already with the rings attached.
saves a ton of time.

to give them some weight. I think it was kithunter who told me the in the movie costume, They added led fishing weights in the dread ends.

I tryed that with a latex putt I did and stuffed the dread with quilting mat....looks not bad.

But I think the foam latex will look better.

Im a perfectionist



You know resin beads would probably give them weight if you have the three beads on one dread! Im going to offer both resin beads or sculpted on,cause you can still get the beads on and over the ones sculpted onto the foam!!!
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