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very simple repairs but they do take a while and multiple coats. all i did was build a stand out of 2x4's and use some copper wire i had for hooks to hang the dreads. i bought a 1 gal. bucket of liquid latex and a bottle of createx black paint. pour the liquid latex in a small container and squirt in some black paint mix it up and get you some make up wedges or cut up some of those yellow car sponges dip and rub on a starting coat to fill any holes or gaps in the old dreads let it dry completely then repeat the steps. for big dents or holes lay the dreads down with the hole facing upward and drizzle in some latex and let it set to dry. i have a bunch more to finish my self and will post the work in progress on the next set i do but here is a before and after pic to see the difference also you will get to see pictures of my hideous dread rack i built from scrap wood lol



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thanks these were the original db dreads that came with my mask and they were sitting around and i needed to do something with them besides soak up the leaking rain water from my garage roof lol


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Hey bud, u got any updates on these dreads?
sorry bro been real busy somehow i got talked into damn near remodeling my house for my father inlaws b-day party so i been busy landscaping and stuff but i'll be gettin back to it all thats left to do is grow some grass
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