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Hey there guys!

I want to make some dreads and I don't know how to make some good looking rubber ones. I would like to make a mold for it, and if anyone else has mold pictures and tips Yo making one, please speak up because I really don't know how to make a mold for silicone rubber. It would be great to get tips and wonderful is this thread was kept alive for dread questions by others. Just in the start of this thread, please post if you are reading because I usually don't get good info, much less, any. I also hope that we can get some good questions asked and answered here.



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So you are asking alot of questions.

First off.

You need Non-Sulphur based Clay. Google some different clays and get some. Then sculpt up some dreds.

Next get your hands on some silicone rubber. You will need to make a mold. The mold will most likely need to be in Two Parts, refer to SMOOTH-ON.com for both "how to Videos" and for purchasing silicone rubber itself. Silicone is expensive. Roughly 150 dollars a gallon, price fluctuates based on the Type of Silicone.

The final step is to make the dreds out of Urethane Foam. A flexible foam, SMOOTH ON makes all types of urethane foams. I am currently using FLEX FOAM-IT 3 for various things and it is very flexible.

You will need to DYE the foam. Smooth on sells dye that will tint the foam black.

This a general outline. You will need to do some leg work and research to learn certain terminologies. We cannot give you every step of the process. It is too compolicated with too many variables. This is where your own critical thinking and trial and error will come into play.

Above all don't be afraid to experiment and always ask questions.
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