Dread pirate robert's sword HELP!


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I will be going to emerald city comic con in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!! My dad's cosplay, which I am making for him, is almost done. He is going as Wesley from the princess bride. The last thing I need to make is the sword. I know this is last minute but we actually didn't know he would be coming with me until a week ago so I just have to work with the time I have been given. (Which kinda terrifies me because I have been working on my cosplay for MONTHS now.) ANYWAYS, I have no flipping idea how to make the sword! Specifically the blade. I am thinking of making the handle by shaping it with pipe cleaners and then paper macheing it for sturdiness, but I'm not sure. I don't have any EVA foam or any other types of foam and I don't have enough time to order anything online. I have a micheals and a hobby lobby in town and those are my only resources for this. Please help!!
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