Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride)


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I'm putting together a Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride) costume for halloween - I've been slacking since I assumed this would be easy, but being the detail monger I am - I wanted to get any opinions or knowlwdge anyone has on this particular outfit.

There is seeminly NO information on this costume, pics of it on display -replicas of the buckles or shirt detail. (saw they just released the sword)

So I'm open to any suggestions or would love to see anyone that's attempted this.

Here's what little i have:


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I did a Dread Pirate Roberts costume a couple of years ago. The shirt is just a basic Renaissance-style pattern with a metric ton of ruching on the shoulders. For the mask, I did a papermache mold of my upper face and glued on a piece of soft black leather.


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What is this "ruching on the shoulders" you sepak of ?

And I don't know why i said this was all I had - I obviously have the movie - I just got lazy when posting my pics.

Kevin Gossett

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This is the only picture I have from my costume several years ago... The shirt is just a basic "pirate" shirt I bought at a Halloween store. Same goes for the boots. The pants were just basic thin black sweat pants/leggings.

The belt and mask were made from fabric, and the sword was a Zorro sword I repainted, and the gloves were just basic black gloves

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