Dragoncon 2020 Cancelled

Egon Spengler

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Well, it's official. It's cancelled.

If you don't request a refund they will just roll you over to next year. Also sending everyone that purchased passes for this year the 2020 badges you would have gotten at the con and another secret memento exclusive to this situation.

They made the right choice.
Right decision for sure. Many folks are not wearing mask and depending what state / city your in numbers just seem to be climbing. Hopefully they get a solution for the COVID virus if not there is always a possibility 2021 might be impacted. Hopefully not, but citizens are not being very cooperative. Yikes.
I will still be going to the tenth floor as per usual thursday night 8 pm from 830, 9pm on if im not there i can be found carrying the banner as publicly as possible and making myself very hard to miss


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Prop Making for Fun and Profit

I just posted my Dragon Con 2020 panel on YouTube talking about working as a professional prop maker and scenic artist. Please watch, Like, and Subcribe.

Does anyone know when or if the hotel hunger games have happened. I keep checking the Dcon site and some hotels show sold out while others still have the old dates listed. Ive checked all the host hotel websites and all show sold out. Are the blocks just held or did I miss an announcement?
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