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I love coming to this forum to see the amazing talent and fantastic costumes. I'm no where near the calibre of the sculptors here but I was certainly inspired to try my first sculpt on a custume idea my buddy and I had for Dragoncon this year.

Between Wolverine, Batman Begins Scarecrow and some other Simon Pegg and Nick Frost costumes we'll be doing (i.e. Spaced) we decided to tackle this little scene from Paul:

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At first, I was going to go the papermache route--I mean, what do I know about casting?? But then a buddy of mine who's very afluent in the field decided to show me how to do it.

I had already wrapped a hat mannequins' head with tape to a desired size and constructed a base body out of pvc piping. I added sculpting clay to the head and details using some Paul photos I got online.
again--I really didn't have the proper tools to do this --the most important would have been a base to keep the head upright while i worked--but I made do with what I had in my budget:
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Moving on to the body, I used and wrapped pillow stuffing around the piping for a little girth. didn't have to look pretty knowing he'll be clothed. I then went to Goodwill and purchased children, sized jeans, shirt and boots of which I would stuff some more. Made hip joints and thighs with the pvc to have some weight to the movement of his legs
View attachment 63897 View attachment 63898 View attachment 63899
I stumbled across a child sized cowboy vest and chaps at a local antique store--needless to say, I didn't hesitate to purchase them!
As this fella is going to be a 'semi' puppet I thought about how on Earth were we going to make him walk(?). We decided on a clear acrylic that would extend from both sides of Pauls boots that would attach to our feet and make him 'walk' as we walked. I attached the acrylic to the underside of the boot by screwing it in and left a velcro strap on the other end for our shoes.
View attachment 63900

Added more stuffing to the jeans and shirt, attached them with some hidden safety pins and his body is beginning to take shape.
View attachment 63901 View attachment 63911 View attachment 63912 View attachment 63902 View attachment 63903 View attachment 63904

Going back to the head, it cracked in a few areas (dried out) but nothing a little touch up clay couldn't fix. My friend had me build a seperator and then we began the casting process. We went back over it a few days later with a wrapping of plaster and burlap. As of last night, we repeated the process with the back side of his head.
View attachment 63905 View attachment 63906 View attachment 63907

During this time, my Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt (as worn by Pegg in the film) came in:)
View attachment 63910

With a few short weeks left, I know time is running short on this one. I am crossing my fingers the mold will come out ok and, if it does, painitng Paul will be another item to tackle once the latex head comes out. I need to extend his hands a little bit so that his arms aren't all 'gloves' and add some wiring to bend his fingers.
I'll certainly add more pics when more progress has been made but I thought I'd share this project with you good folks.

Take care, thanks for taking the time to view and wish us luck!!
Thanks Foe and B...this is gonna be a HOOT!
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OMG! that is so amazing. I wanna build one full size with the bagel probing... That's my next project for sure as soon as I have moved to my new workshop :D

Lovely work you did here! the cowboy suit is amazing!
OMG! that is so amazing. I wanna build one full size with the bagel probing... That's my next project for sure as soon as I have moved to my new workshop :D

Lovely work you did here! the cowboy suit is amazing!

Haha! Wow--Paul with Bagel Probing action--this I gotta see! :lol
Really--good luck on your workshop and thank you for the kind words:)
:thumbsup OMG...Cant wait to see the finished pics...LOVE THAT MOVIE...was VERY well entertained with that one. Curious as to what the UNRATED version has that the theater vrsion doesn't.
Hey Guys, back with a little more of an update.
We went over what materials we were going to use to make the head cast--from silicone to latex but, in the end and for the expediency of the process (lack of time), we decided on plastic. The pull was a little hard but the cast came through for me. As a newb in this process I still certainly recognized the multitudes of imperfections (heh..starting with the sculpt!) such as air bubbles and huge seems, but i think it's gonna work. :)

I need to clean him up some more, sand and fill some parts.
We filled the head cavity with foam and pushed it down on the neck post of the body to see how sturdy he'd be. Needless to say, gonna have to fix his 'top-heavyness'

This is it so far. Now I'm off to paint this bugger!
Well, less than a week to go and the project is finally done!
Extended his arms and added palms with heavy gauge wiring for fingers. Wanted to makes sure me and my Bud had a good grip when walking him around the Con. Sanded and primered the cast, laid a base paint and added some details to round out his face and eyes.

I kind of wish I had a little more time for this project. I really learned a lot about sculpting and casting and the big lesson learned is taking your time to do it. I know Paul has all manners of inaccuracies and I think I want to revisit this sculpt again and polish it up a little more.

Any way, It's on to DragonCon!
Thanks for taking the time to look :)
AWESOME!! Just make sure at the con to do one thing and make sure people "Keep their hands off his Fing junk!"...LMAO..VERY WELL DONE! :thumbsup
Well, another Dcon has passed me by ever too quickly. Just wanted to thank those of you who were there who followed this build and for your kind words:)
We had such a great time and Paul worked out great!
My Flickr page is up for DragonCon 2011. So many amazing costumes this year!!
102_2488 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Indeed! Great job on this project that was so well-received at the con. Been great seing it come to life and get you so excited!
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