Dragon Priest Mask - My 1st work.


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Hey you guys, I'm working in my 1st prop, a Dragon Priest Mask.

I'm used the cool pdo file from JTM, really nice.

So far, this is what's looking, hope you like and any tip would be appreciated.

I'll post more progress soon.


PS - As my 1st post, I'm a bit lost, so if I made some mistake, tell me. :)


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Welcome to the world of prop building! I always love seeing dragon priest builds. Is that bondo over the pep? Also, are you using a rotary tool to sand or just straight sandpaper? When I made my Borderlands psycho mask the dremel saved me so much trouble after the bondo step.


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Yes, I'm using a body filler over the pep, i didn't use any resin to coat the paper, so I'm having some difficulties sanding.
I'm using just straight sandpaper, building experience about the materials and the making process.
Last week bought some acrylic resin, can't wait to use in my next prop (will post more later).

Thank you very much for the tip. Cheers! :D
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