dragon predator!!!


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ok for this body suit i used a spandex shirt and leggings so it fits me tight and it move when i move. basically the same thing idid last time but about 10 times better, then i drew out the muscles with a sharpie and then cut out pieces of foam and attached them so let me kno wat you guys think

your work with foam is truly inspiring, i think i may take a similar route for muscles, only with a rubies costume skin stretched over it.

not that i'm lazy, i just dont feel confident in my painting skills, and itll save me money on cost of latex to cover hte muscle suit.
This is very much what i plan on doing with my first skin,sewing my own body suit though to make it as form fitted as possible and this route should allow for a not so melting away in your suit exp lol,keep up the updates! love to see how yours turns out ;)
big thumbs up looks great ! putting the latex on it is going to be a long project . cant wait to see it done ! keep on making videos they inspire alot of people !
Your body suit looks great and I can't wait to see how it develops. One question, how well do the knee movement with bending?
Very nice!

So what kind of adhesive do you attach the foam with?

How do you prevent foam peeling off due to natural movment of the suit?

i use a hot glue gun . very effective .

Very cool

What about your preference in foam density - i'm guessing you seek out the lighter, less dense foam for body work - especially the limbs. Do you find this makes any difference - or does the dense stuff cut better or shape up better?

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