Dragon for silicone puppet


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This is a dragon sculpture taking inspiration from many sources, including Smaug. This will be puppet for my son assuming I can get a mold done.

The arms/wings and ears are different sculptures (for molding). The hollowed out areas will have foam horns (also separate sculptures).


The sculpture is around 21 inches long and made from Chavant hard clay since I heard it is easier to release from EpoxAcast than Monster Clay.


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If you use silver spray on a finished sculpture any clay will almost fall out of an epoxy mold. great sculpture dude.

I appreciate the tip! I will try that when molding the wings. I'm still digging Chavant out of this mold... that stuff is so sticky!

Hoping to pour a test skin tomorrow in Ecoflex 00-30.

Psab keel

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Get some moisturizer bro!

Seriously though that sculpture is incredible. Whether it stays just a sculpture or becomes a puppet I'm astounded by your ability. That's crazy impressive.


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Getting more parts ready to mold.

Lower teeth and mouth. I plan to cast these with FlexFoam-iT.

Horns for around the jaw. These will also be FlexFoam-iT.

Here is the dragons back I forgot to post earlier


  • Back.jpg
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Such a labor of love. My mom did a jaws puppet for me for school—cloth….gone now…Do the Godzilla puppet from the 50’s. It and Shin Gojira were walking hellmouths

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