Dr Who: Web Of Fear Yeti Figure


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Hi Guys,

So this is and oldie for me as I made it about a year ago for a friend as a private comission but thought I'd share it with you guys. It's my sculpture from reference pictures of the unreleased Dapol 4 1/4 resin Yeti from the awesome Trouton Dr Who period. he already had pretty much everything else from this series of miniatures, but this. My friend was very pleased as I had only a couple of pics to work from but I think he came out pretty sweet. He has of course a plain cast and a painted one is his collection now :D would love to hear your thoughts on this little fella ;)




My thoughts:

I clicked on this thread without fully reading the title and was expecting to see a life sized WoF yeti. So I'm terribly let down. :lol

Seriously though, your sculpt looks great, and I'd absolutely love to see it painted up.
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