Dr who the silence sculpt


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Some pictures of my silence sculpt from Dr Who, I also plan to make the hands. Once I complete the latex mask, I will update with more pictures.

11224438_10207346730210402_4380116195422972938_o.jpg 11728782_10207346730290404_5034938850262900277_o.jpg


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This looks wicked. You've got the facial details spot on. Only critique would be that the back of the head needs to be more bulbous. I had this issue when I sculpted mine. Please keep updating with pics.


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Here are some pictures of the latex mask, need to trim it now etc. I made the head larger, these pics don't seem to show this though, but it is larger!
IMG_20150819_152202.jpg IMG_20150819_152328.jpg


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Great work, love it. Wish I could master latex mask making, and so quick. Out of interest what did you use for the base of the sculpt? Been looking for a good mannequin head for a while now and yours looks pretty good.


I think I saw a post.. but no. no, I don't remember seeing anything.. Strange... I feel like I need to say 'Great Job', but I'm not sure why....
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