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Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here.
I'm a cosplayer who has just found my way into sculpting and latex work.
After viewing the latest Dr. Who episodes featuring the Silence, I knew that I had to make them.
I spent a great deal of time looking online and on different threads to get as much info on the subject as I could.
Since I didn't have a good head to sculpt on, I ended up using a styrofoam head. It didn't make it through the process very well. lol
I know that I didn't do many steps by the book, but I'm really happy with the end result.


My final sculpt



My first pull. I used a color additive.

When it came to painting, I got overloaded on techniques so I resorted to what I knew from some of my other latex work. I've made Silent Hill creatures using Mold Maker Latex and paper towels/tissue paper before. My initial pass was acrylic mixed with the latex, followed by detailing with an airbrush and finished with perma-wet.
I didn't have time to sculpt the hands before the convention, so I used a technique I learned from a Backyard Fx video that involves rubber gloves, the Mold Maker Latex and more paper towels.

Here are some pics from a photo shoot we did a few weeks back:


Thanks for taking a look! Really looking forward to being a part of this community and expanding my costuming knowledge.
I know I came here to see something, but now that I've scrolled down to comment.... I don't remember what I was going to comment on.....

Whatever it was looked pretty amazing, I do remember that much.
that looks nice, i was on set looking after these guys and those pics take me back
You were the keeper of the Silence? I can understand that. Our Rose and River had to lead us around the convention like children.

That looks awesome! Please tell me you're coming to Dragon*Con?
Sorry. I'm going to a local con in Texas called Animefest over the same weekend. I would really like to go someday!

Great work! Are there any eye holes or are you totally blind in those?
I actually got in contact with the original creator of the masks on DA and he let me know that they use the slits on each side of the nose to see. My sculpt is a bit smaller than what he did, so I made holes in the 'nose' area. We could see fairly well.
Those are cool! Are you going to consider selling any? Depending on price I would consider getting one, especially since I am running out of time for a convention I plan to attend.
The silence scare me. The whole concept of not knowing they're controlling you in a way.. very.. odd. Your Silence looks remarkable :) And your River is pretty spot on too!
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