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Here are some pics on my who stuff and a video of Dalek Caan
NSD Caan's "THE OPENING" - YouTube
Have added more pics that I had on another pc







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Thanks Organic, call in if your driving by and we have a game or two, over a beer Dalek Caan wont get of it.


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Yeah thanks fellow who addicts, have been building who stuff from the beginning of this year, I will get a post together of the Masters Chameleon Arch FOB watch. And here it is:http://www.therpf.com/f9/masters-chameleon-arch-fob-watch-under-glass-128129/
I’m on the other side of OZ, 3hrs drive North of Melbourne, The build diary of Dalek Caan is on Project Dalek
The Tardis is of the 1980 (TYJ) design the blue is a bit light in colour as I have not completed the aging process.
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Have a new addition to my collection with this sonic carousel display.

The display holds four Rassilon sonic that are variations from the original version, the display hold the original prototype of my fist sonic and also the Rassilon Baker sonic, one that has an 8GB flash drive and the forth sonic is the final version of the Rassilon sonic.


Also working on the Dalek human Tommy gun first issue, and do hope to have that finished in about a week or so.
Had a friend in high school that was a huge whovian, he dressed like tom baker wth the long coat, hat and even the super long scarf, and he grew his hair out all crazy like baker. he built a life size dallek in his basement for his dr. who fanclub.
Up until last year I had no interest in making Dr Who stuff or even buying any products. It all started with the Tardis, then came the Dalek, and now I just can’t seem to stop, I now go to nerd sci-fi expos dress up in questionable out fits and get called a nerd.

I also spend more time at rpf.com than any other site, once you could fined me at engineering web sites talking about Gas Turbines and Aero space designs, My counsellor says that I’m just fulfilling my boyhood imaginations that were never fulfilled when I was a young boy.

Well if that’s the case, then there must be a lot of people out there fulfilling the boyhood imaginations like me.

Anyhow another display to add to my ever-growing list of builds, the Mono Sonic Display

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