DR WHO eye drive, leather covered piece p2


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Thinking of making an eye drive up out of black fast cast resin, would anyone want one?
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Re: DR WHO eye drive

lol, yeah forgot what they were for, sorry theres no pics, haven't made the bugger yet!
Re: DR WHO eye drive

Why make it out of resin? Weren't the real ones leather? I've been thinking of sculpting a form and making myself one out of leather.
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I just assumed they were resin as there were tons of them, i'd imagine it'd be easier to make one and cast multiples from the mould, rather than hand make each one? but then i don't know anything about leather really
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If you made a form to mold the leather to it would be incredibly fast to make tons of them. You could probably make 100 in 5 minutes.
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They appeared to be fairly thick (well, not thin at any rate). Leather covered resin? ;)

Oh...and color me interested pending the usual.
Re: DR WHO eye drive

Well, I can tell you what definitely DOESN'T work: Molding the leather over your own eye.

Watched again, it looks like the screen used eye patches are white on the back and gloss black on the front. You can see the layers from the side, especially on River's since hers is so poorly fitted. So maybe not leather at all. What else forms? Styrene? Maybe they're vac-formed then painted with something like black plasti-dip?
Re: DR WHO eye drive

Id say either vacume formed OR maybe even Latex. They would have to be light weight to be able to stick well on the actors' faces.
I was also thinking about doing this - and maybe even the Doctor's store ID badge "The Doctor - I'm here to help" haha
Re: DR WHO eye drive

Just a small update, I'm pretty sure it's formed styrene sheet with black garment leather glued to the front. If I can get my hands on the one part of the Rory costume that's proving tricky to get, I'll definitely be making myself one of these.
Re: DR WHO eye drive

If I make one, I COULD do a run. More likely I'd just make one for anybody who asks.
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