Dr Who Dematerialisation circuit -quick build

Metaluna mutant

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With some plastruct tubing and some odds and bits, I did a pair of Dr Who demat circuits from the classic series. The ones featured in the classic series are a bit different from the one used in the current series.


Not shown--the paper clips I used for the wires


Metaluna mutant

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All done. A quickie I've always wanted to build and the current dw series gave me the impetus finally. Silver paper clip wires, some scrap copper wire, plastic beads and some tiny brass screws finished them off. Hardest part was cutting and glueing together the tubes for the center joint. It's a tetrahedron center joint but the rest is just tubes, rod, discs, wire and paint.

I'm considering trying to make that center joint part via 3D printing if I can. The circuit is easily to build but that center joint has to be cut and angled and assembled just right to work and that took the most time. If I had the joint part ready I could make the rest in an hour of two.
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