Dr. Horrible Coats (Finished Project)

So, I was commissioned to make two Dr. Horrible lab coats for Halloween. I had tried to watch the series many months ago, but I just couldn't get into it. Deciding that I need to give it another go for the sake of "research" I watched it again...and again...and again. I don't know what I was put off by that first go round. Anyhow, I love the series and I was pretty excited to make these two coats. Here is the finished result:


The threads here on the RPF were quite helpful, as were the Dr. Horrible screenshots section on FanPop, and the pause function on my fiance's XBOX (watched through Netflix). It took me a lot of reading and research to find all the stuff, so here's a condensed version for ya'll:

Fabric: Cotton coutil from tutu.com. $9.80 per yard. I used approximately 3.5 yards for each coat.


Red Dye: Used a combination of RIT Cherry Red, RIT Scarlet, and iDye True Red. I needed to do a super saturated dye bath to get the red to stick (included dumping boiling water directly into the washer to increase temp).


Buttons: I got all of them on Etsy. I purchased the mother of pearl metal pin shanks from three separate sellers. I decided that I liked the white (as opposed to silver) tones the best, and since each lot was slightly different, I wound up short a few buttons, so I took the pin shanks off some silver ones I had, and inserted them into some plain mother of pearl buttons that I drilled center holes into. I could've saved myself a lot of hassle by just using the silver ones, but I dunno...the white ones called to me.

Embroidery: I had the art digitized/embroidered by my buddies at JPM Coachworks. They are a local car upholstery shop here in Atlanta.

Gloves: I got the white Tillman gloves and sanded most of the black writing off with a mouse sander until they looked sufficiently faded. I also used a little spray paint (white and light grey). I probably would've been fine with just the sand paper. The black ones are the neoprene gloves that were suggested by TheNickFox. I cut a few inches off the top and added a new gauntlet made out of black garment split leather.

Goggles: Purchased parts from TheNickFox and handed them off to Volpin for assembly. Volpin based them off the pair that Dr. Horrible wears during his first encounter with Captain Hammer (singing "A Man's Gotta Do"), so no flip ups.


Boots: I got two pairs from Onguard, one in white and one in black.

Pattern: I draped the basic shape I wanted out of muslin, sent it off for a test fit, then used the final muslin as my pattern.


Buttonholes: I had these done by my friend Anthony Canney (local Atlanta commissioner) because my machine has always been wishy-washy with button holes.

Thanks for looking!
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Thought I'd post a few more shots as you can't even really see the fabric texture and whatnot in the first photo.

Button closeups...







Back pleats...






Thank you to JPM Coachworks for the caduceus embroidery, Volpin for goggle assembly, Anthony Canney for button holes, and TheNickFox for goggle supplies.
That looks fantastic! Great job!

I'm actually glad you went with the "groupie-style" goggles. IT really makes the costume more unique. Plus of the three sets of goggles they had on set, 2 of them were of the non-flip variety. (Just look at the shot where the groupies are wearing them)

Great attention to detail, and amazing work as always.

I'm sure the owner will definitely have some fun kicking around in those lab coats...I know I would.

Looks great!

Love to see more Doc H jackets. I made one for Halloween last year, and now wear it for all of my lab classes. Sure I get weird looks...still fun to do though.

Crummy(oddly only) pic I have of the costume.
I was curious if there was anyone that was still making good Dr. Horrible coats? I've looked a few times over the years and there was one on Etsy that I really wanted to get one from a year or two ago but then he kind of dropped off Etsy I guess. I found the link to it https://www.etsy.com/listing/101287104/dr-horrible-lab-coat-costume-w-accurate but never heard back after that.... This one looked really good to me, I had tried a couple of others but they just did quite get there so I know it's a bit of an oldie but I just managed to pick up the right model frame for the goggles (again after looking many times before) so looking to maybe finish this one finally. :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I even picked up a set of the right style buttons for it in case I was to get it made as I am not skilled enough myself.
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