Dr. Hank Pym - T-34 Russian Tank Keychain Build - Ant-Man


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Typical, US, Puerto Rico and Canada only, but for $9.99 I would not expect too much but would be interested to see it. As I am in the UK it is a good job I made my own!
I'm guarded about my expectations at $9.99, too. If it's not very good I'm already prepared to make one myself.


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Hi all, I had ordered the keychain off the bluray and finally got it in. Here's what it looks like, pretty nice, got a couple glue marks on it but I'm happy for $10-








edit to add, tough to get the white balance right on my phone, but the color is more true in this shot, more olive green-

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Mine arrived yesterday, too.
For $10 it's a very good buy if just a little smaller than it ought to be.

Even has the Pym logo on the box! That kind of detail says it's been made with some thought. Much appreciated.



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I'm joining the club! Awesome little prop and a great gimmick in the movie... mine still needs some assembly, a new paint job, decals and - of course - the keychain...

Tank1.jpg Tank2.jpg Tank3.jpg

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