Dr Grordbort's Raygun Contest entries show off thread.

Zombie Killer

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Congrads to all who entrered the Bison contest. ALL the entries are amazing!!!! :thumbsup I think we need a thread for everyone to showoff their 6 months of work. No neutral backgrounds nessesary. No limitations. Strut your stuff, creativity and hard work!!!

Here is my entry. Tesla's Tetracerus VZK-1 The Teleforce Deathray. The VZK stands for Venusian Zombie Killer.

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Very nice! I like how the glass ( can't remember the name! ) bulbs add color to the the whole gun. The lit up vacum tubes in the rear, look nice also. I notice alot of little details, that are'nt over done. Nice build!


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Outstanding work! I love the amount of detail that you put into this piece. Cant wait to see the others.


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There's way too much junk for mine to be totally posted. (2 alternate weapon sets, multiple cases, manual, 1870's style advertisement, etc.)

So here is a pic of me wearing it. It's gauntlet-mounted with a pressure switch in the glove for the electronics.

Pic-loaded WIP here. http://www.therpf.com/f9/wooly-wisent-righteous-heatgun-my-dr-grordbort-entry-done-pics-sent-118115/



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The Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Enzymatic Arbalest




So much good stuff. Can't wait to see the collected entries.


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Those are my three best images :D
I wish it could have been more epic like all the other entries, but I don't have a lot to work with, SO I did what I could. Also, I wanted to keep the original look because I love the original look :)
Everyone did an amazing job! a lot of these look more like prizes, not entries though! which is amazing. It just goes to show that, in the end, we all walk away winners with our really amazing ray guns.


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Good idea for a thread, thank you. Some of you did a lot more chopping than I considered.

ZombieKiller, the fun is in the detailing isn't it. I see you replaced all the plastic rivets with brass ones, very nice. We both had the same idea about banding the seams with brass strip but I didn't have any in stock so did a temp with paint.

Alex, love the reversed fin and the Russian livery, it's cool, very utilitarian, you pay attention to this gun. What is the ray emitter constructed of?

Lurksmith, you floored me with this one. What machine parts are you using, film equipment, sewing machines? Like what the heck is the metal barrel and ray emitter. Hope you bring this to the Comic Expo next year.

jwm96, we had the same thought about minimal altering of the original gun, I liked the shape of it. You got a nice feel of realistic sparseness to yours, like the little cylinder hanging on the trigger guard.

Sigma, post a couple more pictures please, would like to see the details of your twin finned creation.

Great work all, and i gotta learn lighting :behave


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I can't believe I thought I was a contender!
There are more than a few entries that blow me away with their creativity and attention to detail. Well done guys!
Seeing a few builds early on getting bigger and bigger, I decided to stay small. Mine is more Victorian than "Grordbortian" but it was fun to build and I think it looks very "finished"' so I'm proud of it.
I got carried away and forgot to get many WIP pics, but here are some....

View attachment 66309

View attachment 66310

View attachment 66311

View attachment 66312

View attachment 66313

View attachment 66314

View attachment 66315
And the final... (having a really hard time with attachments right now)

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Pete SSS

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There are so many wonderful builds! What an astonishing success this competition has been, here's to another next year!

Here's my entry, "Bos Taurus Imperator"


It was a struggle getting detailed enough photos, I think a fair ammount of detail has been overwhelmed in my "official photos" So, as Zombie Killer has been so kind as to set up this thread for some more in depth images, here are a few more shots of my custom Bison











I wanted to keep my custom as close to the source material as possible, hence the clips holding the pipes in place, and the small canisters by the fin that can be seen throughout the Grordbort line. I also opted to follow the original Bison paint scheme, as it fit more into the story behind my project. I was very tempted to to go crazy custom paintjob on it though, and seeing some of the more colourful entries has really inspired me.

Attached is a PDF of my character's Venusian adventure it you'd like to get some context on the flame thrower idea. It's not very long don't worry!

Thanks all.
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I took some more pics of the Malevolent LongHorn today but this time outside. The finish of it was really hard to photograph, its actually zinc primer hand polished to a dark silver/metal finish. So its hard to see in the submitted pics.

The pics outside came out alot better, its just a shame I couldn't take the final pic outside but the weathers been really sucky this week, rain and wind!

So to start heres the submitted pics with the neutral background:





Heres some close ups of each side:

Now heres the pic from outside:










These last two you can see the actual reflection.

Heres some detailed pics:

And just for fun, the bovine in it natural enviroment, grass:

And the short video again:
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Zombie Killer

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Great looking entries guys!!! Awesome job!!!

I have been asked about my brass bits so i thought i would show what alot of the big brass stuff i used on my gun came from. I'd like to thank whoever threw this out at the dump. :thumbsup You may recognise it from the poison manufacturing room in moonraker. There is one similar to it there. I think it had been outside for a few years as all the mirrors were shot so i didn't feel bad destroying the lenses.

I'm feeling very humbled seeing all of these awesome entries... And they get better and better. Here was my attempt, don't think I did too bad. But it was fun and thats what matters.







Hard work, but worth it in the end I thought. Never painted a prop in my life before... Was definately an experience. Also. The Stock was originally a large lump of cyprus that I attacked with a scroll saw and an electric plane. :D. The vials with the wires in it are bugs that i sculpted, its hard to see... :(. One thing I would have loved too have done would have beeen a mount or a holder for it. :D. Next time I reckon.

Anyway, hope you guys like. And come on everyone! Got to see them all.

Cheers, Dave.
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