Dr Grordbort's Manmelter 3600ZX replica

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    I've been a fan of Dr Grordbort's rayguns from Weta ever since they were originally released, the Manmelter in particular. (Un)fortunately I was never in a position to buy one when they were available.
    We all know what Plan B is.

    I started this around new year and had every intention of documenting the entire project along the way on here, but then... didn't. It was a choice between stopping to take photos and post them, or to keep working, and it was more fun to keep going.

    There are a range of photos on the Weta website which I used as reference. I printed out one of the elevations to scale and measured everything off that.

    It started of with 3 layers of 18mm MDF - Fascia board offcuts, thus the grooves.


    And then sanded roughly into shape, and trigger added.


    The rounded bits were filled out with Milliput and sanded into shape. I ran out of standard Milliput, and the local art shop only had terracotta in stock, which is why the colours are all weird.
    The rest of the bits were added with various thicknesses of sheet styrene and tube.

    Somehow I managed to make the frame at the end of the barrel slightly long.

    The ring at the bottom is a 4" nail cut and bent around into a circle.


    The blue liquid is just paint water. It's... ok. A few lumpy bits have started to form. I didn't have access to any ink or food colouring at the time. It would have been worth sourcing one or the other.

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    Then, using Bill Doran's metal painting tutorial on Youtube as a guide I added paint.

    Starting with a Tamiya Grey primer and Tamiya Gunmetal spray I followed up with drybrushed layers of VGC Chainmail, VGC Silver, and W&N Artisan Raw Umber, and a wash of Dr PH Martin's Black Star Ink in no particular order.

    There is some reflection of the table and my arm in some of the photos.

    I added some blue washes to the end of the barrel to try to simulate heat discolouration. I'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned out, but it looks ok.

    It's more symmetrical than it looks, my phone was just at an odd angle. I mean, it's still rubbish, just not this bad. IRL you won't notice unless you're looking for it.


    So, that's my Manmelter. I think I put in around 100 hours over two-ish weeks. It's the second prop I've made, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.
    I think next time it may make things a little easier to draw up some plans first before diving in.

    Critiques and tips encouraged.
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    You did a great job! Love their ray guns too :)
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    That's damned impressive for a scratch build. Well done! (y)
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    Okay, I'm impressed enough that I've done a search of metal painting tutorials. Is there one particular video you found helpful? Link?
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    This is the one I used. It's super simple, and a great starting point.

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