Dr. Fate (classic)


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Hello there, RPF! I've not been a very active poster over here, but I've read a TON of posts. Two years ago, I did my first cosplay - Marvel's Moon Knight. All in all, not a terribly difficult costume (though I did have my Mom sew the cloak - 43 years old at the time and had never touched a sewing machine :) ). Missed Dragon*Con last year, but am going back again this year. Decided to do another of my favorite, sort of off the beaten path, characters - Dr. Fate. Initially, I was planning on having the helmet and amulet a chromed brass finish. Looking into that further, however, I determined it was probably too expensive to do right. I tried with Spaztix and a yellow top coat - it did not go over well. Having never sculpted anything on this scale before, it was a bit of a learning experience. I now know which clays to use and which to avoid in the future. And will make sure to double check my measurements, as I ended up having to sculpt and cast the helmet twice, being that the first cast was too small. I also learned a ton about molding and casting. Next time should go a lot more smoothly. That said, here are the helmet and amulet. I'll post pics of the rest of the costume as I finish up the last details. Only a week and change before D*C. Anyway, thanks for looking.


Measure twice cut once as they say. It's amazing how many times I find that crops up in my daily routine...Helmet looks great so far. For future reference you may want to try using a filler primer. That will help lessen some of the little nicks and scratches that you don't usually catch till you paint it. Good luck with the rest of the project


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Thanks for the tip. If I had more time, I'd have spent some (more) of it doing some Bondo and sanding. As it stands, I want to have everything ready before next weekend so I'm not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The first cast (the one that didn't fit) actually came out a lot smoother from the mold. I tried something on the second one that sort of backfired. Again, it was a learning process. :)


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Admittedly terrible photo of the whole suit minus the shoulder pieces, which I finished up this weekend. More, better photos when I get back from D*C.



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I saw you from across the outside Hilton patio and it was great. That is truly the sign of good costume. I am also thinking of doing a New 52 version of Dr Fate
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