Dr Doom


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So, I am attempting to get this pulled together for a photo shoot.

I have ordered the mask from 4thWall Design and I'm getting the Cloak/Tunic made.

Now I just need to source the arms/gauntlets and legs and we have a winner. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Wish me luck !!!


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Well I'm working on the pep files, but if you need it in a rush I suggest medieval armor. If you don't have time to order it try to get in touch with the SCA group in your area and see if they have any suggestions for you or if they can help you in some way.


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There's a few threads on here about it, but to describe it, it's taking a 3D model, translating it into a 2D pattern, which can be printed, cut and assembled to resemble the 3D Model. Essentially it's a papercraft method, which can be used for costuming purposes.


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I am very interested in that model pepmaster, may I offer any help on the unfold and such, I'm making a doom right now for someone, but I haven't gotten to the armor yet. And I know you do excellent work.

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OK cool, Im getting the mask made so would just need the armour. Shame I have no idea what to do with that file lol ... I will find out tho ! Hope you had a fantastic New Year


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So I have my mask and cloak/tunic arriving at the weekend !


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