Dr Doom armor, need attachment advise


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I've been Modeling my Doom armor for some time now and I've started to 3d print a few pieces. Right now I'm on the lower leg armor and I'm having trouble coming up with ways to attach the two pieces. In the picture my plan is to make this two pieces. Looking at the side I will print two pieces, cut down the middle. At the top I have a hole on each side, and plan to do this at the bottom. I will attach using a Chicago threaded screw which is much like a rivet. Initially I was going to cut a small band made out of .040 aluminum, line it up with the hole and glue it to the inside of the leg using a two part epoxy. That way all I have to do is slip the back piece on and fasten them with the screw at the top and bottom. But before I do this and spend all that time printing does anyone foresee any problems using a two part epoxy on plastic and aluminum? According to JB plasticweld it should work. Also does anyone have any better ideas for bring the two pieces together? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Rough the aluminum up and the plastic and it should bond just fine. Are you using a knee cop? That way you can run your screw through the shin and thigh and have the nut hidden in the knee cop. That was the method I used on my recent Doom build. I have pics of the setup in my thread. Good Luck!


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Little progress, after 3d printer went down for a month finally got to print the lower leg armor. I'll begin the Knee and upper leg armor after one more print.

003.jpg 004.jpg
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