DP Deluxe Boba Fett Helmet


Hi guys, I've searched everywhere and I cannot find any 'good' photo's of an original DP deluxe boba helmet. I can only find pictures of recasts or repaints. Would anyone have photo's of the original helmet and possibly everything else that came with it? eg- box, COA and stuff like that?


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I believe it came in a white mailer type box inside of another standard brown box. Not much interesting there. There was also black sponge cut to fit that it set down into.

It wasn't much of a replica, but it was the first Fett helmet to offer metal ears and an antenae stalk.

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Here is my DP Dlx. Sorry... Don't have a box.

Out of curiosity, what are you needing this for?


A school assignment, then I'll be keeping the images for display in my room, i'm trying to collect dp star wars boba fett related stuff- already have the standard helmets. Also trying to get my hands on an actual deluxe bucket- I can never find one D:
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