DoopyDoos resin sterling parts...Anybody bought them?

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I`m looking at putting together a PVC sterling for a completed costume and have bought the DoopyDoos resin parts from EBay UK. I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this buildup kit and what size PVC pipe they started with?


Lots of good things have been said here about the kits... High quality casts, good details, etc. I can't speak for the size needed for that kit, but most start with 1.5"

I'm waiting on the full kit myself :)
I have the full Sterling kit and it's fantastic. The parts are cast off a real gun, the parts are sharp, clean, bubble free and most of the prep work is already done.

I would recommend them to anyone, top shelf stuff.
Doopydoos recommends a 40mm pipe. I used a 1.25 inch ABS pipe.
Find the iambubby e-11 plans. They will help immensely.

I bought the Doopy-Doo kit a while ago, and built a custom blaster with it.


Very clean parts in a hard ivory-colour lightweight resin, very few bubbles, a few blobs inside the holes in the stock, but perfect for a beginner.

Used 38mm (1 1/2 inch) (ext. dia.) aluminium tubing - wider or narrower tubing simply means wrapping sandpaper around the tube and sanding the resin part against it for a perfect fit.


Doopys' resin grip, thumb switch, magwell, buttcap, rear sight, foregrip & muzzle. Piston halves were his too, I believe.

I used a 38mm hole saw in a drill to ensure a solid fixing for the buttcap.
drilled out the screw head and dome on the resin grip and replaced them with a real screw and a cut down domed jacket stud, but just because I prefer the look of real metal. Also drilled off the molded sling loop and replaced it with a section of welding rod.


JK3, I fashioned my own spring from a metal wire, coiling it around a vacuum cleaner tube that fits nicely inside the brass tube. The brass tube I used has a diameter of 1.5".
Really late to the party...

Just got one of these kits.

I've seen about 6 different sizes mentioned...

What is the most accurate and/or readily available metal pipe?

Home Depot... Lowes... ???

Very nice sharp castings. The handgrip says 2013.
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