Doopydoo's E-11 Blaster (Full Kit)

Kevin Gossett

Master Member
My E-11 resin kit from Doopydoo's arrived today, and I have to agree with everyone who has commented on it before: the casting is very nice and clean, very little prep work to be done!


With that being said, this is for a friend of mine, and I'm not all that familiar with the E-11... I've looked at a lot of reference pics, but I'm still a little fuzzy on a couple of the pieces and their placement. The main body has a few markings for some of the placement, but not everything. Can someone who has done this kit post a couple of pictures highlighting some of the "detail" pieces?

Kevin Gossett

Master Member
That does help! Thanks so much :thumbsup

What did you use for the scope mount? That is the only piece that isn't included in the kit. I was thinking just some aluminum stock that can be bent

matt black

Well-Known Member
You are welcome. I would say that if you are using the resin scope then aluminium should be fine. I used a real scope so because of the weight I used brass flat bar.


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Doopydoo's blaster kit is out of stock right now. But you can get the light version where you have to fix the PVC tube yourself. Check out this tutorial - it might be helpful: The Eternal Darkness
Plans can be found on PVC BlasterBuildersClub look for Iambubby. ;-)

matt black

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There are also some members on FISD that sell pre drilled tubes. You can also get them with the T track already installed from one of the members.

Kevin Gossett

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Alright, so I cleaned everything up and started assembling. I have everything in place except for two pieces that I can't seem to locate in any photos:


The two small pieces above, which Doopydoo's refers to as: a) magazine retaining screw and b) bayonet lug

Any help there?

Edit: Just found where the retaining screw goes...

matt black

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On my fifth picture down you can see the magazine screw just under the coiled wires. The bayonet lug goes on the row of holes that don't have the T track in your pic. The lug goes where the hole is filled in. You can just make it out in the sixth picture. Hope this helps.
I think I have some spare wires left over if you need some.


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Doopy Doo's kits always seem to be above the standard garage kit, I have built the two DL-44's the offer, but damn that E-11 looks sweet, I will now have to have one. Good Luck with the rest of the build.


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Looks like they've improved a few of their parts.
The trageting sensors look a lot better.
Did you have to modify the front site or did it come like that?
Mine was pretty much solid resin and I had to drill and file to make the openings on the sides.
Here's some pic of my kit mounted on a copper pipe.
I still need to install the t-track and the targeting sensor.





New Member
Thanks for this thread. With it I was finally able to put my kit together using the images here as a guide. I have had Doopy Doo's kit sitting in the garage forever. It is a really nice kit.

Kevin Gossett

Master Member
Thanks everyone! It really is a great kit.

As for the front site, it was solid so I had to modify it by cutting out the openings. Last night I worked on the scope rail a bit. Just needs to be drilled for the scope to mount on


Sr Member
Those blasters look Great! They look every bit as good as the metal one I made awhile back. Is the endcap solid or does it slide a litte onto the body of the gun?
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