Doopeydoo Resin E-11 build

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    It's been a long time since I built anything Star wars related(heck it's been a while since I built anything at all)

    This is a commission. Client passed me the raw kit as per how he received it.

    Client did not request to have the scope drilled out to have lenses added or Hengstler counter's lens modified so I left them as is. Weathering was done by a model builder friend under supervision and with instructions from me. Photography by my good friend John of Deeply Addictive.

    Doopeydoo Blastech E-11 01a.jpg Doopeydoo Blastech E-11 02.jpg Doopeydoo Blastech E-11 03.jpg Doopeydoo Blastech E-11 04.jpg Doopeydoo Blastech E-11 05.jpg
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    That rust is just splendid.... I love it.
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    Excellent build there! Will look closely when getting home
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