DOOM Videogame / Movie Pep files ??


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Hi everybody. I'm looking for pep files for a DOOM or DOOM II game character helm and armor. I remember my parents freeking out on me for constantly keeping the house phone line busy with my 56K modem to connect with my buddy to play DOOM deathmatch on my IBM 486 DX266.... Oh 1993, the good old days... I remember that one time we got to actually play a DOOM II deathmatch with 3 players connected together (one by modem and the other one with a local Nul-Modem...).. what an achievement!!... LOL

Anyway, I digress.. but for the sake of nostalgy I would really like to build a DOOM armor (what was the name of the DOOM character anyway??).
I think that someone with tallent could probably make a 3D model using a Halo costume as a template....

I tried searching for "DOOM Pepakura" online but all I find is models for Dr.Doom, which is not what I am looking for... If anyone has them, please either PM me or post the link here and it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!
Doomguy armor would be pretty awesome to have but since there's no in-game 3D models for either armor or weapons it's gonna have to be 100% from scratch.

Not sure how much art there is to use as reference but this should be a good start.

Been laying around on my computer forever in that huge unsorted "potential ideas" folder, nice to finally use it.
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