Doom Patrol Cliff Steele Robotman Build


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Made a Robotman for San Diego comic con. I upgraded this costume a bunch this year but all cons did not happen this year. Figured I’d post up here.

It is 3D printed and highly modified. Materials are made of PLA, foam, worbla, 3 types of paint, leather, stickers,and metal. I know the painter of the original costume and he gave me tons of detailed information. I also have see the prototype helmet in person at Monsterpalozza last year and have extensive photos to reference this build.

Helmet, leather foam neck piece, foam forearms with hand armor, custom leather jacket, shoulder solar pieces, solar lapel, knee guards, and Harley Davidson boots.

My helmet has two 9 volt batteries one to run the fan the other to run the LED lights for the eyes. The eyes are double circle diamond cut on clear plexiglass with blue backing behind to cancel out the red light so you can see clearly. I added foam to expand the jaw line. I also added a bigger chin plate and real hardware to it. I sculpted small lines dents and details.

The neck piece is foam and put on with Velcro. I added hardware and details to it. It hides the neck and the t-shirt fits snug around it.

Hands and forearms are made of PLA, foam, and worbla. I added worbla on the fingers close to the hand plate. The gloves are painted to match. These finger pieces are held with Velcro on the hands. Added foam with forearm with detail and hardware.

Jacket is a medium and real leather. The shoulder pieces have solar stickers attached like the show. Has the lapel. All held on with Velcro.

. He wears different band shirts through both seasons. I went with a custom Hello World shirt and a Dead Kennedy shirt.

The knees are 3D printed with foam face and mesh material. I had to freehand the details. Held with Velcro. I used an old pair of pants I had.

Boots are Haley Davison with with worbla caps and hardware. Spent a lot of time finding and researching the fine details of the hardware. They tuck into the pants fine. The only detail I did not do was was the weird sole of the boots. Couldn’t source it and foam would just pop off. If you know please post here.



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awesome build!

one day I wanna try 3d model this helmet when I get better because it seems there are no 3d models around, but will probably be a while because i have that many project lined up its not funny

thanks for showcasing, Jimmy


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Where did you find the jacket, i keep finding hundreds of sites that stink of chinese scammers for this jacket maing it hard to sort through whats real and fake

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