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Sorry if I'm starting to sound like an annoying broken record, but any updates for the rear neck piece? Anyone else waiting for their piece as well, or I'm the last person waiting?

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The good news...I have received the helmet and it's more than I ever expected and the wait was well worth it.

The bad news...I received a surprise during tax filing season that is forcing me to have to part with this beauty. I will be posting in the Junkya...geez that just sounds so wrong for this piece. But, that's where it will have to go.

So you mark "DONE" but the McQuarrie Vader Concept helm really not done until everyone gets what they paid for. It's been a month since we were told that the helmets were "DONE" and I sent the shipping payment, yet no helmet. I get that Rocketeer had a death in the family, but so did I along with having to have emergency surgery. Now, I see one that's up for sale in the Junkyard. So what's the hold up if they're done?

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Reel or Rocketeer, can you please check your email. Tried contacting you over a missing helmet stand that was ordered and a heavily marked paint job on the helmet received. Thanks


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Out of interest, did anyone on this run receive a stand they ordered? Not sure if it was cancelled late in the run and that’s why I don’t have one. Appreciate any confirmation from folks. Thanks.


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Darth_Nickel, thank you for the info. I tried Reel early on via email and never got a response. Think this was $75 plus shipping so very frustrating not to get any type of feedback from Reel directly.