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Are you doing the bells with the sued out ? Or will it be retest yes like it is in the pics? Also will there be the seam in the front or will it be one piece ? And how are you handling the heights of the boots? Such as where They fall in reference to the knee? And are the bells single or double lined? They are looking great and I know a lot of guys are looking for alternatives


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That's a lot of question! WOW! :)
I hope I can reply with my bad english! :)

BTW the lower sewn line on sole will be at same sole color, eight is 18" (it could be made custom, but I think the default 18" is perfect).
I'm thinking the bells to be single.


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Not bad! Its great to see an alternative, Unfortunately I picked up some CABoots a year or so ago, and as I'm a cobber, I'm gonna keep those babies going for a long time :p

Awesome work though!


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nice work, i also have a pair of caboots,
but what are the dimensions of your boots, especially the height of the whole boots and the cuffs

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