[Done] Foamcrafting Armored Batgirl / Batgirl Square Enix Kai Version


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and i want to show you a little bit about my last work. I made a costume based on the Square Enix Kai Version of Batgirl.
The Armor pieces are completly made of different foam materials:

- craftfoam 3mm used for thin details
- eva floor mats 12 mm for thick details
- evazote ev30 5mm for everything else
- styrofoam 7mm for batarangs and the strange sword-thing

Hope you like it :D


12030305_685141041622174_5477482786424793664_o.jpg 12243054_700465036756441_6767032019274723430_n.jpg
12193303_699324813537130_1782187599196955818_n.jpg 12088171_688714594598152_654969977359011709_n.jpg 12091310_687874781348800_58592569284382894_o.jpg
12068582_691973824272229_2108127507494188878_o.jpg 11222203_688201407982804_3823485230932257587_o(1).jpg
eos_andy_photography.jpg Eos_Knight_Photography.jpg


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GREAT detail work! I especially like the way you covered the shoes. The gauntlets are crazy. Bravo!


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Wow, that full suit shot would make a fantastic wallpaper if it was widescreen. Some great photography there.



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That looks fantastic! Your process photos are helpful too, I'm planning on looking thru all the Batgirl threads for tips before I make my own!


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That looks awesome! What material did you use for the fabric parts? They look like they have a carbon fiber pattern to them.


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WOW!!! That is incredible. Like "I'm speechless" kind of incredible. I'd love to see more pics, progress and final build, if you have them.
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