Don Post Deluxe Anakin Pod Racer Helmet


Ever have a period where you said "OK I'm going to hold off on buying for a while" but something comes along that you just can't pass up? Well this was definitely it for me. Came across a super rare DP deluxe anakin pod racer helmet and it's gorgeous!. I would like to send it to one of our many talented users here for some accurate painting and slight restoration as you can see from the photos. If anyone knows of anyone who would knock it out of the park please send them my way.


  • 20220923_121039.jpg
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  • 20220923_121047.jpg
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  • 20220923_121148.jpg
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  • 20220923_121125.jpg
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  • 20220923_121115.jpg
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  • 20220923_121327.jpg
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