Does tube silicone stick to mold silicone?


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Hi guys. Just wondering if any of you helpful dudes might know if silicone from a tube, the plumbing stuff, would stick to molding silicone? I'm hoping to use it to build up some areas of a mold I'm working on.
Any advice on pros/cons would be much appreciated.
Cheers - Chris


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Sure does, I do it all the time to fill in undercuts. If tour moulding silicone is tin based, you can go over it with more moulding silicone. If your using a platinum based moulding silicone, make sure you use your plumbing silicone last and after the moulding silicone has completly cured otherwise the platinum will inhibit.


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Thanks a heap fettster! The news I've been hoping to hear all day. Just got home from work and I was really hoping to make some more progress tonight. Off to the store I go...


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Thanks again fettster. Just used it and it worked a treat. It's a fairly lumpy model, so I was able to create dams and such where I needed to. Should be a great way to save a couple of bucks too, using the tin silicone only where I have to. Thanks again.
Cheers - Chris


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It also sticks to an insane level on those roll up keyboards, and silicone covered phone hand sets, as does Silly Putty!:rolleyes

Just ask my ex boss!
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