Does resin brand matter?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Tenkos, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Hey, I live in the UK and I know that most people use and recommend the David's fastglass resin. I was using it as well, but I found that some resins are much better deal. I want to ask if anyone has used and recommends the Lloyd's resin or some other brands? I found website online that for the price of david's fastglass offer over twice the amount of Lloyd's resin, but I do not know whether it is going to be just as good, or whether it is even the same product.
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    Price aside, is the cheaper resin going to do what you want it to do? You do get what you pay for.

    For example, if I buy a good water clear polyurethane, I am looking at about $70/KG. I can buy a KG of cheaper clear polyester casting resin for about half the price, but I won't get the same water clear results.

    Sometimes, however, you will find the same stuff under a different brand name for less.
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    I have been using this place for a very long time They are in South Shields they also do mail order they are willing to help in anyway they can
    I have tried others but allways return.
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    I find the David's stuff expensive.
    I use the website posted above. The lloyds stuff is good resin.
    I don't buy polyurethane resin from them though as it seems to leak oil after its cured.
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    David's is expensive because it's aimed at the DIY'er who generally only wants to buy in small quantities.
    For a general purpose laminating resin my local fibreglass supply company wants:
    £7:00 for 1 kg
    £18:00 for 5 kg
    £51:00 for 20kg - all plus 20% VAT
    It’s a good quality product and I've used a lot of it on commercial projects - but you wouldn’t build / repair a yacht with it because it doesn’t have the certification!
    My advice would be to stick with David's if you only buy a bit now and then, but if you’re using a reasonable quantity speak to a local supplier.

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