Does anyone remember 1978 or 1979 Star Wars Christmas parade/float?


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So this borders on the line of Urban Legend/ Mandela Effect...

...but I distinctly recall a late 1970s, nationally televised Christmas parade in which the movie "Star Wars" was represented by the heroes on the parade float. Of course I was a child, and my memory is NOT clear whether this was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or another big city parade (Chicago, Los Angeles, etc).

My Google-fu has turned up nothing after all of these years.

My few memories are:
1) Luke, Han, and Leia were on the float (don't know if original actors or look-alikes)
2) The parade float appeared professionally done, not your small town, low-budget affair with a pickup truck pulling a trailer down main street
3) As this was when cable TV was in its infancy, where I saw the parade on TV in South Florida, I assume the parade was televised on one of the 3 big networks (CBS, ABC, or NBC)
4) It COULD have been in 1977 but I am thinking 1978?
5) This was NOT the 1978 Pasadena Parade in which Darth Vader and the pre-pro Boba Fett walked around and signed autographs
6) This was NOT the 2007 Pasadena Rose Parade, which featured the 501st.
7) I assumed this was part of the Macy's Parade, but can't be sure of that

Does ANYONE have any information on this fragment memory in my mind?
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