Does anyone recognize this part??

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by JP Modelworks, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. JP Modelworks

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    I'm currently scratchbuilding a new model and this part would make a great engine nozzle. The only problem is that I only have the one and I'm out of RTV mold liquid and don't feel like spending the $$ to buy it to cast up this one part.

    If the kit is available I'd rather buy the kit and use the many parts that would be available

    Thanks for the help!!
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  2. Robiwon

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    Um, it might help if you post a picture of the part..........
  3. JP Modelworks

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    Did it work this time?
  4. Beaker

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    no, comes up as "content unavailable"
  5. crackerjazz

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    Posting for Jeff:

  6. zorg

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    stap battle droid part?
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  7. danikin72

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    It's the rear engine piece from the Stap with Battle Droid Kit.
    It comes with 2 of them. Not alot of parts that are usable for kit bashing but the kit is cheap on Ebay.
    I can post a pic if you would like.
  8. JP Modelworks

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    Thanks danikin72. I do have the kit in my shop but I never opened it! Thanks for the info.
  9. Underdog

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    Hey John, what are you building now? I always love to watch you work!
  10. Joseph C. Brown

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    Definitely the STAP Battledroid kit; I used that part for my (still unfinished) Firefly build:

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