Does anyone know if PEP stormtrooper armour exists?


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Hi all! I am looking for a bit of advice on what (if it exists) is the most accurate PEP armour for an original ANH/ESB/ROTJ Stormtrooper. If anyone knows of a good one and where I might get a copy, I would be eternally grateful.
This Pepakura has blown me away!
Thanks in advance...
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Re: Does anyone know if PEP stormtrooper armour exisis?

Well, I was about to link to the pep wiki site with a bunch of SW stuff... but I don't have my bookmarks here and Google is failing me.

If anyone does have / knows where to find good-quality TK pep files, I'd love to know too. Want to make a reduced-scale suit for my 5-year-old...

Incidentally, anyone know how closely game models from e.g. The Force Unleashed follow the real suits' proportions?
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