Does anyone have BTS pics of Nite Owl II out screen used pieces to share?


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Hey everyone,

With my Batman 89 cowl completed, I'm already itching to tackle something new. I've started converting my bat cowl sculpt to a Nite Owl II movie style cowl.

I've googled for nice images and found a few but theres almost nothing out there, especially behind the scenes photos or screen used props.

I've seen the photos of the suits on display but if anyone has screen used pieces or photos of the cowl especially, I'd be forever grateful if you'd post them or mail them to me.

Seeing as there isn't really a Nite Owl cowl out there, I'd like to make this a master piece just like the original.

Thanks all, I hope someone can help :)

Hey Mike,

thanks man, I've attached the ones I have, theyre quite huge lol and nice photos but you cant have too much ref material.

I have the bluray and there really isnt a whole lot on there and I have no way to screen grab the footage.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. Is there a specific area of the cowl you need more reference of? I can check the trailers I have - though there's probably no footage in there that isn't in the film. Let me know if you need any Photoshop work - I can help ya lighten things.

There are a few book tie-ins - I have "The Film Companion." Not much more in there than publicity stills and shots from the movie. The others might be a better reference.
I'm mostly trying to see the paint job under normal lighting. Theres some bronze, copper, red, even violet looking colors in the extra features footage although who knows if that ended up on the final pieces.
I wish I could say my Google-fu skills are that good, but I just knew about that guy's website, and I was lucky he had pics.


-Mike J.
I don't make things just because they have interest, I love the Nite Owl II look, I'll make it whether theres interest or not.

Chiro and one other guy (who I believe never finished it) have made the only replicas I've seen, if you're thinking of someone else, I'd love to know who they are so I can contact them :)


Watchmen (2009), Nite Owl II paint test cowl, original / screen-used


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