Does anyone have a ROTJ Shield generator parts list

Jedi Dade

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As the Title - does anyone know of a parts list for the ROTJ shield generators?

I was recently asked what SW subject do only "I" want a model of and the shield generators came to mind... so I started to think about it and its not a crazy amount of parts so... I thought maybe I'd take a whack at it if I could get a list of kits/parts I need.

Jedi Dade


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Sorry I dont have kit maps for these. A friend of mine is preparing a high quality resin kit of these things based on correct donor parts. Should be out soon if you are interested in that.


Jedi Dade

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Maybe your friend would share the parts list? I know there are parts form the Saturn V on it as well as dentist spit cups... but I'm sure there are a few things I don't know.

Jedi Dade

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