Doctor Who's Amy Pond Kissogram


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So I had this insane idea to actually sew my own Amy Pond costume. I've created a few look a likes finding very similar pieces online and by shopping with very ninja thrift skills . For Halloween, I wanted to dress up as a kissogram! I thought it would be super easy and super cheap. But then I started going for all the gadgets and man did I spend so e money I didn't have. It still a work in progress but all I've put in is this weekend and I think it's turned out pretty awesome so far. I made a baton out of PVC pipe, spraypainted an old handheld radio black and bought some legcuffs to cuff an timelier to a radiator;)

for some odd reason I can't get these pictures up but as soon as I am able I will.
Oh yeah that’s and excellent costume, and I like how you made the night stick.
You know if more Police officers had a uniform like that I would not mined been pulled over for speeding. Very nice work, what will you do next?
Great work! I must agree with Rassilon1 on the being pulled over comment haha.

The baton alone was a cool little build but the costume is looking superb too :)

Nice to know of another DW fan in Orange County :)
I know there are some more out here they just think they are too cool to release their inner geek or we wouldn't have galley in la. I'm wearing my costume to work and going to watch all of them come out of hiding;)
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Found a fan of DW here at school. Here's his tardis mug
Found a fan of DW here at school. Here's his tardis mug

I have one of those epic mugs. Now on the topic of the costume, its looking great. Now, i have my own version which i wore to a convention where i met nicola briant and sylvester mccoy ( :D ) and I was on a very low budget but here is the result:

All the Doctor Who Cosplayers were getting a group photo and I managed to nick Sylvester (Everyone was very happy thanks to me :D )

Anyway, mine is made of a fishing vest, a kid's police costume, my old school shirt, felt and fabric paint. The shoes and skirt came from a charity shop, tights are from ASDA and the wig is from ebay.

So, good luck with it and feel free to message me if you need any help :)
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