Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor's Watch?

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    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, I was unsure as to whether a watch is classed as a costume piece or as a prop.

    Either way, I noticed that in the original promo for Doctor Who series 8, the one in which the Doctor asks "Am I a good man?" he can be seen sitting on the TARDIS step with Clara and a wristwatch can be seen on his left wrist. I've never spotted 12 wearing a watch anywhere else in the series and thought he, like the 10th Doctor and others before him, had decided to forego a watch.

    Do you reckon this is a costume piece we've rarely seen due to the length of Capaldi's sleeves? Or do you reckon he just happened to be wearing his own watch the day that was filmed and forgot to remove it before cameras rolled?

    Here's a screen cap for you...


    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts!


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    I'd noticed this too, and figured it's the wrist thing they have to wear later in the episode when they shrink.
    They probably filmed it out of order, and they forgot to take it off Capaldi. Tiny continuity error.

    If i'm wrong, let me know
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    That could well be it, actually - though it does look decidedly watch like to me. Your idea sounds more likely though!

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