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    Lots of good stuff in that trailer, even a pretty good analysis on this page. There's a new alien in what looks like a cross between armor and a welding mask. Anyone have any info on them? Image below.

    new who monster banner.jpg
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  2. Mclabop

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    Found some info that suggested they're a new monster and show up in a Viking episode. Apparently they will have large guns/rifles.
  3. Solo4114

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    I have to say, I'm really just...not that excited about the show at this point. I love Capaldi as the Doctor, but I find Moffat's running of the show to have been "uneven" at best, and generally fairly poor. I forgave many of the problems last season with the belief that we were headed in a particular direction (where Clara has to choose between real life and jetting around with the Doctor and faces the consequences of her choice), but to then have her decide to stay after the Christmas special...ugh. I just have very little faith in Moffat as a showrunner anymore. I think he's good at coming up with cool concepts for an individual episode, but he lacks the ability to structure an entire season as a coherent whole, and tries too hard to build season arcs through end-of-episode hints at something "big" which inevitably ends up disappointing.

    To be honest, I'm not sure I'm gonna watch the show live this season. I'll likely catch up on episodes a couple of weeks after they air, but I'm not sure I'll stick it out if I get the sense he's "Moffating" things up again.
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  4. PoopaPapaPalps

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    Another season of rushed episodes with the characters not really doing anything beyond quips and talking really fast.

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  5. Jaitea

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    Yeah, its got very lame,....I really have no interest

  6. Angelus Lupus

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    I agree that it would have been an emotionally satisfying conclusion if Clara had really got old and the character had left, but I can understand why the actress would want to stay.
    Moffat needs to either go, or let someone else be in charge, his 'grand plans' and huge twists just aren't working anymore. Petition to get RTD back for at least one episode?
  7. theIceMario21

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    I'm very excited about the new series, and based on what I've seen and heard, I think it will be one of the best series yet. I love the dark tone of the trailer, the scenes we've seen being filmed, and most of all: The Doctor's new costumes. Doctor Who is better than ever in my opinion. I can't wait! :)
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  8. Riceball

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    Looks interesting, the fact that they got Maisie "Arya" Wiliams alone makes me want to see this coming season.
  9. Noeland

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    I'm looking forward to it. I am loving those big iron warrior welder guys. That is a cool design.
  10. dcarty

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    Yep, lots of interesting ideas that no doubt will not live up to their potential. I was actually kind of with the trailer until the immortal line "I'm the Doctor...and I SAVE PEOPLE!" hit.

  11. AJK001

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    There used to be a really, really long thread on the New Doctor Who starting from when Roger Davies revived the show, I have not looked for it in a little while, and I took the time to read through all of it about 2 years ago. I was simply amazed at all of the people who complained about how bad Davies was and that they should get rid of him and then to read the same people saying how bad Moffat was and they really missed Davies.

    Food for thought.

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