Doctor Who: Psychic Paper Wallet

Darth Mule

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Just a little project I started messing around with this week. I'm more of a clothing maker. I don't usually get into the prop making, but this was mostly sewing, and I had the materials laying around, so it seemed like a simple enough task.

Anyway. I decided the one big costume prop I was lacking from my Doctor costume was the psychic paper wallet. Just never bothered with one, and THAT always bothered ME. I recently picked up some of the "same bolt as the screen jacket" fabric to make an 11 tweed, and figured it would be a good time to up my prop game as well.

The current images are the prototype. I think every corner is sewn in differently, as I was trying to get a feel for which method worked/looked the best. I acquired the dimensions from Risu, and went from there.

The wallet is a semi-stiff, smooth grain journal leather lined in a Nylon fabric. I opted for the clear vinyl insert over the laminated card, so that I could change out whatever went behind it on the cardstock. The whole thing is backed with a bit of chipboard to stiffen the wallet cover.

Now to go make my "for reals" one and see if I have any mats left over for a couple more.



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Looks damn good. :thumbsup Been thinking about getting one of these myself.

If you do a run, add me to the list pending the usuals. ;)
I've been meaning to make one of these myself. I'm just not too confident in my sewing machine skills.

I just hope that when I finally do it that it turns out half as good as yours. :cool

Darth Mule

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I actually knocked out 4 more of them. I just need to make a trip to tandy for some supplies. The hide was sadly crammed into a box for who knows how long, so I need to see if they have anything to condition and smooth out the wrinkles, Possibly pick up another hide to make more with.

I guess I'll have to figure out what to charge for these puppies...
Have you thought about making the Doctor's other wallet (the one he keeps his Library Card in) as a companion piece? It's different enough that it'd be worth the effort I think.


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Agreed, great job, I'm in for a run should you choose to do so. I'd been trying to find someone with the skills to make this for a while now.

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